4 Creative Swag Ideas to Showcase Your Startup Brand
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4 Creative Swag Ideas to Showcase Your Startup Brand

Showcasing your startup brand helps promote it to potential buyers. It is like an advertisement of its own. Showcasing can be done in various ways, such as through personalised merch, stickers, and other gifts. Four of these ways will be discussed here.

Customised apparel/Merch

Merch or customised apparel refers to clothes with a logo or typography of a specific brand on them. Whatever is put on it is at the discretion of the company. The merchandise can be personalized in a number of ways, including the font, size, and colour of the text as well as the inclusion or absence of a logo.

Stickers and Magnets

Stickers and magnets are a fun and pocket-friendly way to showcase your brand. These can be of the desired size and have different pictures. These can be given away for free with the product, so that customers will use them and you will receive advertising exposure.

Tote Bags

Using tote bags as a promotional item for your new business is a smart move because they are currently on-trend. You can have your logo printed on a tote bag, and when young people buy them to follow the latest fashion, you will have accomplished your goal.

Mugs And Drinkware

Everyone enjoys a cup of hot chai at times, and they surely need a mug for it; this is where you come in with mugs with your logo on them. This will make everyone believe that advertising and showcasing your startup brand are your cup of tea.

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Promoting your startup and drawing in customers depends on prominently displaying your brand. Innovative promotional items, like t-shirts, stickers, magnets, tote bags, and mugs, can help spread the word about your company and make an impression. These ingenious suggestions help get the word out and attract more attention. Looking for quality products to promote your brand? Printing Lab can be of assistance, reach out to them at support@printinglab.in.