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customised water bottles

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coder tshirt
coffee mug
customised water bottle
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The printing lab provides the best collection of geek products for technogeek individuals. When it comes to delivering tech products, we offer 1000+ designs and 5+ products at a reasonable price range. Providing bulk orders for employees or staff members is our specialty.

It is our honor that currently we are dealing with 50+ clients and receiving 100+ orders regularly. The printing lab serves the best quality t-shirts, printed products like coffee mugs, water bottles, mousepads, wall frames, Swag kits for employees is our goal. 

No matter what your passion is, Printinglab will love to connect it! And for that, we have products considering different segments like geek t-shirt, programming t-shirt, freelance programming t-shirt, coder t-shirt, graphic designer t-shirt, software developer t-shirt, computer programming t-shirt, system programming t-shirt, coders or code python t-shirts, and other products as well are uniquely design for regular usage and some wall frames posters for everyday motivation.

Connecting people with their passion and motivating them to work in their field is what we do. And this could be possible by attaching them with our products and services. We have great designs with personalised products available, and this is what makes us different from others. 

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